Limit number of connections per user?

Goran Hasse gorhas at
Sat Apr 17 03:43:15 EST 2010

2010/4/16 Damien Miller <djm at>:
> On Fri, 16 Apr 2010, Goran Hasse wrote:
>> Then plan from the beginning how to handle aliased interfaces!
>> ... [ifconfig]
>> So you have to define what "the same user from different IP adresses" means!
> It means what it says it means, and the existence of aliases and policy
> routing don't really change the meaning. The fact that it is possible to
> circumvent address-based restrictions by changing one's address isn't news.

But I don't especially mean frauds. Sometimes when I am logged in from
one machine
I also have needs to logg in from my laptop, (traveling by GPRS), and
then, should I be
toold "You are already logged in from a different system". This sounds
like an invention
from Microsoft! ;-)

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