please decrypt your manuals

Peter Stuge peter at
Thu Apr 22 14:40:31 EST 2010

Peter Stuge wrote:
> Doru Georgescu wrote:
> > Developers
> ..
> > One of them did not know that ~/.ssh/known_hosts can be used by the
> > server under version 2 of the protocol. It is not his fault.
> Eh? Are you sure that was a developer?
> Anyway, my impression from the 10-or-so years on this mailing list is
> that host-based authentication is one of the less commonly used
> features of OpenSSH, so I understand if it isn't completely
> understood by all developers. (I don't know the details either.
> I don't need to.)

I doubt if you can consider me a developer here. Too low patch count.
But I hang around and try to help if I can.


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