Update on "non-dying" nx connections over unreliable network

Misha Koshelev misha680 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 01:11:19 EST 2010

Dear Sirs & Madams:

Thank you so much for your help. To remind, my situation is a wireless connection that is unreliable, where:
(a) upon disconnect, !M's nxclient does not recognize connection death
(b) after I manually kill nxssh and reconnect, reconnection takes some time.

My idea:
intercept myself in between NX client and server - detect connection drop, and reconnect. This is proving quite difficult.

My prototype is here. For now, I have dropped all encryption.


You will find:
nx/comps - compiles server (setuid root currently)
nx/compc - compiles client (moves old one to mxssh and replaces)

Host name and port are hardcoded at the moment. To test:

ssh server
cd nx

Then connect on the client using !M's client.

Unfortunately, I seem to have ended up with a glorified way of peeking at the NX authentication connection (please see included logs in
ZIP file, password is masked).

I am guessing at this point, the proxy connection is probably launched. However, I am not quite clear what part nxssh actually plays in making this proxy connection on the client side (as opposed to nxclient; in other words, even if my NX server connected to proxy port right away on the server, would this do any good?) Perhaps someone could point me to a more detailed explanation of the protocol?

Also, I remember someone suggested to simply use VNC. Is there a good way to run VNC so that I can connect to my actual NX session via VNC? I am sorry I am new at this... but willing to learn :)

Thank you

Thank you

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