Problem of updating openssh-4.4p1 to openssh-5.5p1 with MAX_ALLOW_USERS option

Акулов Алексей akulov-aa at
Sat Dec 11 10:18:00 EST 2010

Hello, Damien.

I'm sory, may be I have told not exactly.
I understand, that defined variable MAX_ALLOW_USERS sets the maximum possible strings of "AllowUsers"-type in file "/etc/ssh/sshd_config".
In the version openssh-4.4p1 changing of this defined option makes possible to include big quality of "AllowUsers"-strings in file "/etc/ssh/sshd_config", but in the version openssh-5.5p1 this changes doesn't give similar results.
Tell me, please, why it may be occurs in version 5.5p1?

With the best regards, Alex.

11.12.10, 01:57, "Damien Miller" <djm at>:

 On Fri, 10 Dec 2010, ?????? ??????? wrote:
  > Hello!
  > We have the server with RHEL 5.5 (64-bit) and need to connect many parallel users over ssh (OpenSSH).
  > Usually we use openssh-4.4p1, builded from the sources with changed "servconf.h" file by this type:
  >     #define MAX_ALLOW_USERS         10000     /* Max # users on allow list. */
  >     #define MAX_DENY_USERS            10000     /* Max # users on deny list. */
  >     #define MAX_ALLOW_GROUPS      10000     /* Max # groups on allow list. */
  >     #define MAX_DENY_GROUPS         10000     /* Max # groups on deny list. */
  Those definitions don't do what you think they do. They are the number
  of users that can appear in AllowUsers/DenyUsers/AllowGroups/DenyGroups
  statement and have no effect on the number of users that are allowed to
  concurrently log in.

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