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Fri Dec 17 01:54:11 EST 2010

Hi Folks,

Prompted by this talk of ssh-import-id, I am reminded that Eric Moret
and I have collaborating on a new version of ssh-copy-id, available here:

Recently, Eric and I have been taking turns to be too busy to test the
very latest stuff (mostly my fault), but I think it's now pretty much
ready for a wider public, and if it's not your howls of protest seem
much more likely to galvanise me into action than waiting for a gap in
my diary.

So, perhaps people will grab a copy and try it out, and tell me how they
get on with it.

ssh-copy-id has been allowed to go a bit rusty over the years since I
first published it, so it would be nice to get a slightly better version
into OpenSSH.  Hopefully this one is not too far from the simple shell
script that we started out with, and so will be portable and
understandable enough to allow it to be adopted -- I know that an
earlier attempt to replace ssh-copy-id got bogged down in featuritis, so
I've tried to mostly avoid that -- using (hopefully portable) shell
helps one resist adding too many features. ;-)

Bug reports, patches, and general abuse welcomed with open arms :-)

Cheers, Phil.

P.S. I've attempted to track down all the people that contributed code
to ssh-copy-id, and credit them -- please tell me if I've forgotten

I have also have added a minimal license statement that hopefully
reflects the intent of those authors.  I'm open to persuasion that more
is required, but you'll need to be very convincing, given that the only
license wording I'm aware of being previously applied to ssh-copy-id
would be the stuff I put in the Debian package about the packaging
scripts (which is where ssh-copy-id started out) being under the GPL --
obviously, I didn't think then, and don't think now that it would be a
good idea to throw a spanner in the works by declaring that ssh-copy-id
is really under the GPL, so I thought I'd better make it explicit that
the conditions were at least as liberal as a BSD license.  I don't think
there's much worth to language mentioning binary form for a shell
script, which is why I left most of the BSD license out.
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