internal-sftp and logging not working with Fedora and chroot using 5.5?

Peter Stuge peter at
Sun Jul 11 07:22:28 EST 2010

JPP wrote:
> I simply cannot get it to log with users that are chroot'd

--8<-- sshd_config
         The ChrootDirectory must contain the necessary files and directo‐
         ries to support the user's session.  For an interactive session
         this requires at least a shell, typically sh(1), and basic /dev
         nodes such as null(4), zero(4), stdin(4), stdout(4), stderr(4),
         arandom(4) and tty(4) devices.  For file transfer sessions using
         “sftp”, no additional configuration of the environment is neces‐
         sary if the in-process sftp server is used, though sessions which
         use logging do require /dev/log inside the chroot directory (see
         sftp-server(8) for details).


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