Disabling lookup for /homedir

Peter Ivanov peteriva at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 19 18:14:11 EST 2010


I am very new to OpenSSH but I've still read the manuals without any result
which can solve my problem - thats why i am contacting you.

I have a unix-machine with a subversion server running. authentication is
done with ldap and svn is done via ssh (svn+ssh://
I have a centralized authorized_keys for pub-key authentication via ssh and
users only can do svn.

I want to disable the lookup for a home-dir because i don't need it for svn.
when i disable the autofs (solaris) ssh tells me everytime i send a
svn-request "could not chdir..." but the command succeeds. that's not the
main problem: when i try svn with a tool like tortoise it fails because of
the missing home-dir - everything works fine when autofs is enabled.

To solve this behavior, i uncommented the part of the check for homedir in
session.c (the part where the output "Could not chdir home.." is defined)
but i am not sure if this is a "clean" way..but it works now. Is there a
"clean" method to fully disable the lookup for an existing home-dir in ssh?


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