cooked mode sessions

Howard Chu hyc at
Wed Jun 16 11:50:03 EST 2010

Howard Chu wrote:
> So far this is only working as expected for dumb programs that don't try to
> manipulate the tty modes. I'm working on some patches to the readline library
> so that it will leave the tty in cooked mode if it detects that EXTPROC is set
> on the tty. So a remote bash shell will defer all input processing to the
> local client. Will also be able to support command completion, if the tty
> session has VEOL set to<TAB>.

Simple patch for bash/readline here

> Right now the tty mode handling on the client is a mess, it will need to be
> rationalized somehow to work cleanly with older raw-mode-only servers along
> with the linemode servers.
> Feedback and help would be greatly welcomed.

If anyone is interested, you can just follow along on this repo:


Everything should work exactly as before when connecting to an unpatached 
server. With a patched server and patched shell you'll have local editing plus 
command history. I'm still working out how to pass-thru the command completion 

   -- Howard Chu
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