FIPS patch for OpenSSH on RHEL 4?

Shyamal Pandya1 Shyamal_Pandya1 at
Mon Jun 21 16:43:17 EST 2010

Hi All,


Our requirement is to have OpenSSH with FIPS 140-2 support deployed on
RHEL 4.8 (going to RHEL 5 is not an option as of now). From the mailing
list I have found that FIPS patches are available for openssh 3.8p1, but
that is older than the openssh version (3.9 p1) that is bundled with
RHEL 4.8. FIPS support seems to be available on 5.3p1, however I am not
sure whether that can be  built and deployed over RHEL 4. 


My question is, what would be the latest openssh version to used over
RHEL 4.8 (kernel 2.6.9), and would that version have a FIPS patch


Appreciate the help,


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