RFE: add "AllowMultiUserPermissions" for .ssh/ files

L.A. Walsh openssh at tlinx.org
Fri Jun 25 12:05:27 EST 2010

I have multiple logins that use common home files.  I'd like to be able to
use either acls to permit users specifically, or add a group with my 
users in it
to have access to my .ssh files and still have ssh work.

If I want to grant access to myself with multiple logins, to my own 
files, I shouldn't
have ssh disallowing my security policy on my systems.  To work around 
it I have
to have less secure workarounds that are a pain.  I'd live with some 
option that I
need to add to the config files to explicitly tell 'ssh' that I know 
what I am doing.

Would such an option be possible?
You can even name it "AllowInsecurePermissions" or something similar if you
feel it necessary to make it more explicit...  :-)


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