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Thu May 27 04:14:31 EST 2010

Daniel Allen wrote on Fri Sep 4 23:46:12 EST 2009:
 > Damien Miller wrote:
 > > We could make PermitUserEnvironment accept a pattern-list to match
 > > environment variables, while retaining "yes", "no", "true" and   
 > > as their current meanings of allow/deny-all.
 > [...]  The pattern-list would seem the more elegant approach for our
 > use.  I am sorry that I don't have the wherewithal to submit a patch
 > now, though if it helps things along I'd be happy to submit a  
 > request.  Or not, if you prefer.

I'd like to let you know that we're reviewing a patch which does just as
described, to accept a pattern for PermitUserEnvironment. It affects  
defined in $HOME/.ssh/environment and authorized_keys. It only
accepts a single pattern, which is used as a case-insensitive stem for
allowed variables. I will send along the patch as soon as I've had a few
colleagues review it.

While I'm digging: there is a secondary area of interest I'd appreciate
comment on.

If PermitUserEnvironment is turned off, but an "environment=" option is
specified in authorized_keys, the key is rejected and the user sees a
"Bad options in file" error, which cannot be muted.

Versus "permitopen=" option, which sshd silently ignores if
AllowTcpForwarding is turned off.

What do people think about a (short) patch to silently ignore
"environment=" specifications on disabled PermitUserEnvironment?
It seems like a not-too-controvertial thing, especially since sshd  
ignores the same variables if they are in $HOME/.ssh/environment if
PermitUserEnvironment is off.

And it would prevent a FAQish question which I'm sure we'll
see if we start using environment parameters as we expect to...

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