Reversing milking machine (console server)

Philip Prindeville philipp_subx at
Sun Sep 26 10:26:44 EST 2010


I have a box (a net5501 with a Perle serial octal RS-232 card in it) that I want to use as a console server for a bunch of headless computers.

I was wondering if there's a trivial app that I can run as the shell that ssh (or telnet) would run, example:


port=$(echo "$SSH_CONNECT" | cut -d' ' -f4)

let -i tty=$port-2000

ttyname=$(printf "/dev/ttyS%02d" $tty)

(stty 19200 ; \
  termserv) <$ttyname >$ttyname


I could write one from scratch, but if someone already has, that would be even better.



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