Call for testing: OpenSSH-5.9

Andy Tsouladze andyb1 at
Thu Aug 18 14:33:50 EST 2011

Recompiled SNAP-20110818 on the same platforms.

>> Compiled SNAP-20110816 on
>> x86 slackware-13.0.0
>> x86 slackware-13.37.0 x86_64 slackware-13.37.0

>> 3. I did try, just out of curiosity, to configure with --with-sandbox=seatbelt
>> option, and got the following error:
>> configure: error: unsupported -with-sandbox
>> There is a typo here (-with as opposed to --with) and (probably) user-supplied
>> option is omitted.

Seems you missed this one, although it is just a typo...

And a newly discovered thing.  By accident, I specified a non-existent 
configure option.  Configuration finished, and I did not see any errors or 
warnings.  Since I knew I made a mistake, I scrolled up, and yes, the 
warning was there, 39 lines up from the end of `configure' output.  This 
is too far for people to see.  If there is an easy way to print warnings 
in the very end of the output, after the summary of configured 
options, that would be useful.



Dr Andy Tsouladze
Sr Unix/Storage SysAdmin

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