Dennis Grevenstein dennis.grevenstein at
Mon Aug 22 21:17:23 EST 2011


not sure if this is considered news, but I have been able to
build OpenSSH 5.8p2 on mips-dec-ultrix4.5.
On my system I have ULTRIX 4.5 with the latest Y2K
patch kit as well as zlib-1.2.5, openssl-0.9.8m and
prngd-0.9.29, several GNU utilities and gcc-3.0.4.

To build openssh one has to check in various files
if <sys/socket.h> and/or <netinet/ip.h> are multiply
defined, because of "includes.h".

edit config.h to

#undef ENABLE_PKCS11

in ssh-keygen.c remove references to pkcs11_init and
pkcs11_terminate on lines 1410 and 1493.

to get sshd working one has to either set "UsePrivilegeSeparation no" 
or "Compression no" in sshd_config. I finally went with
"Compression no".

I hope this report is helpful for some people, although
I am quite sure that the number of ULTRIX users out
there is very, very small at best.
Please CC: me if you want to reply, because I am not
subscribed to this list.



$ ssh -l root ttpux2
root at ttpux2's password: 
Last login: Mon Aug 22 05:02:55 2011 from
ULTRIX V4.5 (Rev. 47) System #3: Sat Jan  1 09:01:31 MET 2000
UWS V4.5 (Rev. 6)

                Digital Equipment Corporation
                Nashua, New Hampshire

# bash
root at ttpux2:/# uname -a
ULTRIX ttpux2 4.5 0 RISC
root at ttpux2:/# ssh -V
OpenSSH_5.8p2, OpenSSL 0.9.8m 25 Feb 2010
root at ttpux2:/# telnet localhost 22
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.

Protocol mismatch.
Connection closed by foreign host.

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enjoy every minute of it.

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