sshd and .bashrc

Mark Bartelt mark at
Sat Jul 2 10:58:43 EST 2011

>>  We didn't mention it because we didn't notice it, and because
>>  OpenSSH had already used pipes on several platform for years
>>  without anyone complaining (to me at least).

OK; I'll accept "we didn't notice it" as an adequate defence. ;-)

I like Iain's suggestion about adding it to the FAQ (or perhaps
to a README.bash file or some such).  The first we learned about
this was shortly after we'd deployed 5.8p2 (after having used a
pre 5.1p1 release for a long, _long_ time) and one of our users
(a principal investigator, no less!) sent us a message which had
"URGENT:" in the subject line, reporting that something he'd done
for a long time had suddenly stopped working.  And maybe the stuff
in defines.h (which might lead one to believe that USE_PIPES isn't
defined unless it's uncommented there) could be removed or changed.

Anyway, case closed, as far as I'm concerned.  Thank to everybody
for your replies.

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