Use of ssh certificates in a multi server of different kind environment.

Dan Yefimov dan at
Fri Jul 8 01:17:34 EST 2011

On 07.07.2011 16:44, Kevin Denis wrote:
> Hello,
> [if I'm not in the right mailing list, please advise it to me]
> I'm using ssh certificates for my servers and my users.
> I have questions about it:
> I can use the same CA in order to certify all my hosts. Every clients can use it,
> and it's a great setup. But, if I use the same CA for all my clients, it means that
> any clients can log in to any server because hosts trusts my CA. And it's not a
> desired behavior.
> So I made several CAs, one for each type of servers. One for webservers, one
> for svn servers, one for my cluster, end so on.. and it works, but I have to
> manage a lot of keys. And certify each kind of users with the right key.
> Is there a way to add in the client certificate the name of the host authorized to
> log in to? With that I could still use only one CA and certify anyone behind it, a
> kind of:
> ssh-keygen -s CAKey -I CA -n user1 -O destination_address
> server1,
> But the destination_address option doesn't exists...
> So, am I doing rights with my multiple CA? Or there is a better way?
I think, you should pay attention to Kerberos, instead of client certificates.

Sincerely Yours, Dan.

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