intermittent problems obtaining shell with gssapi-with-mic

Jonathan Underwood jonathan.underwood at
Fri Jul 29 18:23:48 EST 2011

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your reply - comments below

On 29 July 2011 01:01, Phil Pennock <phil.pennock at> wrote:
> If your home directory NFS mounted, with Kerberised authentication
> against the NFS server?

Yes, indeed.

> If so, then when things fail, your credentials on the remote machine
> have expired and /home/$you is not mounted, and logging in with a
> password supplied to the remote site is getting /home/$you mounted.
> Try instead:
>  ssh -o GSSAPIDelegateCredentials=yes callista

I should have mentioned that I already had DelegateCredentials turned
on when I see this problem.

In the past, when there's been problems mounting the home directory,
the login has still proceeded dumping me to the root directory and
complaining that access was denied to $HOME. This doesn't happen in
the current case though. Also, on the NFS server, where I have ramped
up debugging in rpcsvcgssd I see no errors reported. So, alas, I don't
think it's an expired ticket. I will double check this all once more
though, just for sanity.


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