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Wed Jun 22 11:48:21 EST 2011


As the original poster of the question: can we please let this thread

Unquestionably, the hard-core read-the-source approach is best.  Some
people believe this is the One True Way. Others disagree. Some of
those others are willing to pay me for a book.  I, in turn, am willing
to let the OpenBSD folks handle book pre-orders so that some cash gets
funneled back into OpenSSH (admittedly, indirectly).

I'm choosing not to argue because, well, it's about as useful as
"emacs vs vi." It's not the first time people have thrown this idea at
me. Admittedly, it's the first time I've nearly brought a mailing list
down in flames by asking for reviewers.  My apologies for that.

Please return to real technical discussions.  Nothing to see here,
move along.


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