Regarding sshfs and multiplexed connections

Raghavendra D Prabhu raghu.prabhu13 at
Tue Mar 15 06:41:19 EST 2011

I have sshfs and ssh to my host setup to use the same socket with ControlMaster setting. Now when I try to scp a file to/from my host I see poor transfer speed. Also, a cp-ing a file to the mounted filesystem results in poor throughput. On the other hand, if I don't use the multiplexing, I get very good throughput. Now, my question is, when I multiplex, does the IPQoS get set wrongly for a scp transfer resulting in poor throughput ? Also, is there a way to specify options for subsystems like sftp, scp (like Host based filtering) in ~/.ssh/config so that I don't have to specify to scp to not use ControlMaster on the command line.

Raghavendra Prabhu

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