exit status of ssh?

Chris Quenelle chris.quenelle at oracle.com
Tue Mar 22 05:54:03 EST 2011

On Monday March 21    11:47AM, Chris Quenelle wrote:
> So by reading between the lines, I assume that other
> people are not seeing this kind of behavior?
> That's very strange.  I haven't yet gone to the trouble of setting
> up a new user account with it's own scratch ~/.ssh directory
> to see if it is reproducible.
> I assumed this was either a bug that nobody noticed, or it was
> some kind of pilot error on my part.

Arg!   It turned out to be pilot error.
I have a shell function / alias for 'ssh' which sends escape
characters to my term client.   If I bypass the alias, and run
the binary directly, then the return code works as expected.

Never mind!

thanks for your patience.


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