How to set an attribute for a link?

Anatol Pomozov anatol.pomozov at
Tue Apr 10 06:57:57 EST 2012


I am working on fuse4x (fuse for macosx) and sshfs. And I discovered a
bug with sshfs when copying a link over sshfs is failed. It happens
because sshfs tries to invoke SETSTAT on a link when target is not
copied yet. I checked sshfs sources and found that it uses
SSH_FXP_SETSTAT operation.
SSH_FXP_SETSTAT sets attributes to target file but I need to set an
attribute to link itself. What I need is SSH_FXP_LSETSTAT.

I tried to search over web and did not find any mention of
SSH_FXP_LSETSTAT. Is there any official way to set an attribute for a
link? Is there any openssh specific extension for it or maybe some

Here is another related bug reported against linux debian

Thanks for you help.

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