Transferring file to local machine when SSHing into a foreign box

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Apr 30 23:55:00 EST 2012

One can log into a remote shell via SSH, and one can use an FTP
application to log in via SFTP using the same credentials over SSH.
Why then, can one not initiate a file transfer from the remote host to
the local host when logged into a shell via SSH?

I know that I could use scp or rsync to move the files, but the
requires authenticating which is not something that I can always do
from the host. From my limited understanding the existing SSH
connection is all that should be needed, as SSH has file transfer

Apparently quite a few people are interested in this feature, here is
one example from many that can be found of people requesting this

Would it be appropriate for me to file a feature request on the
OpenSSH bugzilla, considering that I am not able to write the code to
implement the feature?


Dotan Cohen

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