Rgd. publick key authentication failure in Win2003 !!

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Thu Aug 9 23:06:46 EST 2012

Hareesh dasari wrote:
> Can you please let me know if there are any specific steps to be
> followed while configuring the server in Win2003 w.r.t public key
> authentication.

The way this works is that you show the error messages and get help
interpret what the problem in the system is.

> Currently I am using OpenSSH4.3P2 version.

This version is ancient and may have security problems. It certainly
has bugs which have been fixed since then, and which may or may not
affect you. You need to study if you can really afford your company
to use so old software.

> This e-mail and attachments contain confidential information

Yet you send the email to a public mailing list. That is confusing.

If you want to participate in the public discussion then you must
talk to your management about how you can send email which is not
mindlessly marked confidential. Many other large companies have
mastered to do this successfully already.


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