Question about -b mode of sftp(1) and auto-chdir behaviour

Steffen "Daode" Nurpmeso sdaoden at
Sat Aug 18 04:49:17 EST 2012

i'm curious to know wether the automatic chdir behaviour of sftp(1)
in batch mode is a side-effect of the current implementation, or
if it's instead a regular feature.  And, if it's indeed the latter,
wether there is any compatibility problem if one would actually
rely on it?
I'll attach a copy+paste diff to document this nice feature in
sftp.1, just for the hoped-for case.
Thank you!  ..and ciao,

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diff --git a/sftp.1 b/sftp.1
--- a/sftp.1
+++ b/sftp.1
@@ -57,7 +57,11 @@
 .Nm sftp
 .Fl b Ar batchfile
-.Oo Ar user Ns @ Oc Ns Ar host
+.Ar user Ns @ Oc Ns
+.Ar host Ns Oo : Ns Ar dir Ns
+.Op Ar /
 is an interactive file transfer program, similar to

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