Warning/Diagnostic/Error Codes

Bates, Brent BBates at langleyfcu.org
Sat Dec 29 00:35:37 EST 2012

     I'd consider this a bug in documentation as in the lack of documentation.  I've looked all over the openssh.org Web site and done a number of Google searches and can not find anything.  I'd like to know what error codes, if any, mean.  For example, if I do an 'scp', and it fails, will it return a different error code depending on what the error was?  Do I get one code if I can't connect to the remote system?  A different one if the file or directory I reference doesn't exist?  All the manual says is '0' on success and '>0' for any errors.  I'd like something more specific, if it exists.  I found a couple of references to some error codes on a couple of Web sites, but one sounded like they could be only for their locally modified version.  The other didn't look 'official' either.

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