sftp authentication failure only as cronjob

Lars Schade lars.schade at berlin.de
Mon Nov 19 04:05:23 EST 2012

Hi all,

my problem with the sftp connection run as cron job is finally solved.
As in most cases the problem sits in front of the computer.

My script ran fine from the command line in my gnome session because the
ssh-agent provided the password for the private key in the background.
When run by the cron daemon the ssh-agent is not started and the prompt
for the password is for some reason not explicitly visible even in the
verbose log. So I simply removed the password from the key and now the
script runs fine even as cron job.

PS: On the other machine things worked fine right away because there the
keys were not password protected to begin with.

Sorry to have bothered you, this was just a bit tricky to diagnose.


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