ssh over udp (or: -L option listening for traffic with a UDP service?)

Peter Stuge peter at
Thu Oct 11 10:55:18 EST 2012

Ángel González wrote:
> On 10/10/12 23:19, Peter Stuge wrote:
> >> I see the '-L' option to ssh, so it looks like that's a hook to do this,
> >> but AFAICT, the listening port is TCP and TCP only. Is it possible to make
> >> it UDP and UDP only, and to put hooks in to have the traffic be handled by
> >> a UDP protocol of the user's choosing.
> > How would that help? Your problem seems to be to get SSH working at
> > all. Since that doesn't work I guess it's difficult to use anything
> > that exists *on top of* SSH?
> Well, his problems are getting things to work on top of TCP,

Yes, that is also my understanding.

> so he proposes using UDP instead.

No, in his text (which I quoted, and which you included) there is
discussion of a -L mechanism to forward UDP. As I am sure you know
this is an SSH channel, so I ask how that would help, when the
problem is with the TCP underneath the SSH transport.


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