Too many public keys

James Cloos cloos at
Sat Apr 6 10:01:05 EST 2013

>>>>> "AA" == Aris Adamantiadis <aris at> writes:

AA> Configuring your ssh client to use the appropriate key the first time

The problem isn't the case where the remote site will accept one of one's
keys.  That, as you wrote, it easy to configure.

The problem is when connecting to a site which does not provide an oob
way to install an authorized_keys file.  Ssh(1) sends each key and the
remote sshd(8) drops the connection before one can enter one's passwd.

In practice, most times that occurs one intends to send an a_k file in
band, so using something like:

 :; ssh -o PreferredAuthentications\ keyboard-interactive,password

is more convenient.  Even if that means re-reading the man page yet
again or grep(1)ing around to remember what you called the shell
script or function you wrote the last time it hit you.... :-/

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