[PATCH] Allow matching HostName against Host entries

Ben Lindstrom mouring at eviladmin.org
Fri Apr 12 23:53:29 EST 2013

On Apr 11, 2013, at 9:50 PM, Damien Miller <djm at mindrot.org> wrote:

> A better option might be to allow specification of the suffix order in
> ssh_config itself. E.g.
> HostnameSuffixes mel.int.spectre.com int.spectre.com spectre.com
> to make ssh try resolution of unqualified names by appending each suffix
> in turn and stopping at the first successful lookup. The fully-qualified
> result would then replace the unqualified hostname for the purpose of
> ssh_config matching, known_hosts lookups and certificate name verification.
> What do you think?

Is there no way to pull this information from the resolv.conf file in an universal
way?  It really would suck having yet another location for DNS search paths
to maintain an environment.

And out of interest what would your intent be for those names who still fail this
qualification test?


## Where minecraft "host" is really a fast alias to set username, an other
## information to correctly log into generic.server.com without having to
## hand specific them all the time.
Host minecraft   
	User minecraft
	Hostname generic.server.com 

- Ben

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