Auth_Banner question

Jonathan Pauli jonathan at
Sat Apr 20 04:43:32 EST 2013

Thanks for your help Damien. After much debugging I discovered that 
OpenSSHd 4.3 only seems to display the banner when the authentication 
method is none. By default this php SSH client library uses the password 
method so the banner is never sent by the server.

I also tested on OpenSSH_5.5p1 where the banner works with any auth 
method, so it looks like you developer types found and fixed this quite 
awhile ago. Sadly I'm stuck with CentOS 5.9 and thus OpenSSHd 4.3 in 

Thanks for your help though!

On 4/19/13 6:18 AM, Damien Miller wrote:
> sshd sends the banner for protocol 2 connections at before it responds to
> the the first SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST packet. I.e
>          (or a userauth method-specific reply)
> Have a look at auth2.c:input_userauth_request() to see how it works.
> There isn't anything else you can do to trigger it than attempting
> authentication.
> -d

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