Call for testing: OpenSSH-6.3

Ángel González keisial at
Sat Aug 3 22:05:39 EST 2013

I only saw a few compiler warnings:

regress/modpipe.c:83:6: ‘parse_modification’ function: format ‘%lli’ 
(‘long long int *’) but argument 4 is ‘u_int64_t *’

servconf.c:2066:2: ‘dump_config’ function: format ‘%lld’ (‘long long 
int’) but argument 2 is ‘int64_t’
printf("rekeylimit %lld %d\n", o->rekey_limit, o->rekey_interval);

md5crypt.c:53:42: ‘md5_crypt’ function variable ‘p’ set but not used 
(the ‘p = passwd + strlen(passwd);’ line is dead code, the strlcat()s 
below were probably using p instead of passwd earlier)

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