SSH from within OpenSSH

Ángel González keisial at
Fri Jan 11 22:23:26 EST 2013

On 11/01/13 06:54, Hussain Akbar wrote:
> My first try was to make an SSH tunnel. Have been trying all sort of
> combinations in PuTTY but can't figure out how. The ultimate aim would
> be to not be forced to get an interactive session on the Windows
> server at all but go directly to the Linux server.
> I tried what things I could in PuTTY's tunnel options, but no joy so far.
> I posted this to various newsgroups but from the feedback I've been
> getting, most people say it can't be done.

In PuTTY go to Connection/SSH/Tunnels
Source port: 1234
Press Add

Connect to W2K as usual. Ignore its console.

Open a new PuTTY instance, but connect to on port 1234
You will get a connection to the Linux server.

(Replace with the hostname/ip of your Linux server, 1234 can be
changed to an arbitrary port)

I don't think you can completely skip the console allocation with
PuTTY.exe, but you can do it with plink:
 plink -N -L 1234: username at
(replace with the hostname/ip of the W2K server)

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