SSH from within OpenSSH

Ángel González keisial at
Sat Jan 12 02:05:07 EST 2013

On 11/01/13 15:41, Hussain Akbar wrote:
> Angel
> Your are one **** smart fellow. You have no idea how smart. Really
> brilliant.
Thanks. It's odd that you were said it wasn't possible.

> Thanks a million. The PuTTY solution works perfectly. All cursor keys
> work.
> The plink solution didn't work; it gave me a session on the W2K3
> server instead of Linux. Or did you mean to run plink first?
I was proposing to replace the first PuTTY instance (the one you only
use for tunneling) with that plink command. You would still need another
putty to connect to the real server. It probably explained it too fast.

> In case case, problem solved.
> Thanks again
> Hussain
You're welcome.

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