PAM function ordering

Nicholas Wilson nicholas at
Sun Jan 20 20:53:35 EST 2013


On Jan 20, 2013 2:02 AM, "Damien Miller" <djm at> wrote:
> Hmmm. We are probably not the best learning example for PAM, we're
> probably more of a cautionary example of how PAM's API doesn't fit with
> modern, privilege- minimising and separated applications.

It's certainly true that in my application, we make a few more concessions
to PAM in our architecture than OpenSSH does! It is possible to fork off a
PAM process for authentication, then session/setcred, and keep it around to
reuse for spawning commands. The main process can still use privsep to
avoid interpreting client input in the privileged process. Regardless
though of whether you're a model PAM consumer or not, you at least have
been tested with every implementation and module by someone.

> Right, anything that uses pam_get/set_data will break on OpenSSH. So
> far we've accepted this as a price of keeping our PAM code sane and
> easy to reason about. Various alternatives have been suggested, but all
> have turned my sunglasses black.

Would you use a "pam_getdatalist" function then if it were available, as a
way of transferring module context from one process to another? You could
suggest it to OpenPAM or something and pull it in with autoconf.

> > Similarly, I wonder if there are any known guidelines on how
> > pam_setcred(DESTROY) and pam_close_session are meant to be called, and
> > there are any constraints in the order between to be portable?
> No, there are no guidelines for most of PAM. That's part of the problem.
> Darren has a list of problems with PAM at

That's an extremely helpful list, thank you. I've gleaned most of that,
plus some, from research already though.

There are clear difficulties with the setcred(ESTABLISH)/open_session
order, which is why I asked specifically whether there were known issues
with setcred(DESTROY)/close_session.

Thanks for the feedback, Damien.


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