Patch to discourage unencrypted key generation

John Hawkinson jhawk at MIT.EDU
Sat Jun 1 02:35:55 EST 2013

Alex Bligh <alex at> wrote on Fri, 31 May 2013
at 17:23:36 +0100 in <D1610975-33D0-4229-A3B6-1CD51A8D5265 at>:

> However, having written such scripts before, I can't see why anyone writing
> a script would be using piping stuff to prompts, when you can pass -N ""
> as a parameter and get no prompt.

Ten I misunderstood the proposal.

If -N "" gives no prompt, then there shouldn't be a prompt at all, and the
message should simply tell you to run with -N "" instead of offering two
disparate paths to the same end.

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  John Hawkinson

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