SSHD relative pathing problem

Daniel Cousens daniel210x at
Mon Jun 10 21:02:13 EST 2013

Hi :)

I hope this isn't just a problem in my understanding, but anyway.

I am using `OpenSSH_6.2, OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb 2013` on an Arch Linux
system, and I got caught out on this error for several days, and I'm not
sure if its a bug for you guys or what.

Anyway, what I noticed, was that when I specifyied a custom HostKey in the
host file or by relative path, that is:

`sshd -Dd -f myconfig`
`sshd -Dd -h myhostkey`

where myconfig is just:
HostKey myhostkey

It would load the key correctly, no complaints, but when attempted to
connect to the server via `ssh` (or by any other means), it would
immediately have an `ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by
peer` error; and sshd would exit.
Changing either of the above lines to:

`sshd -Dd -f /home/foo/bar/myconfig`
`sshd -Dd -h /home/foo/bar/myhostkey`

Resolved this issue, resulting in regular sshd behaviour.

As I said, this may actually be a problem further downstream (that is, the
Arch packagers), but I figured I'd ask here first. If that is the case, I'm
sorry for taking up your time.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Cousens

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