Call for testing: OpenSSH-6.2

Philip Hands phil at
Mon Mar 4 07:19:06 EST 2013

Tim Rice <tim at> writes:

> On Sat, 2 Mar 2013, Philip Hands wrote:
>> Perhaps you'd be kind enough to give this a go on solaris for me:
> .........
> $ sh -n /tmp/ssh-copy-id
> /tmp/ssh-copy-id: syntax error at line 205: `KEY_NO=$' unexpected
> .........

Thanks for checking.

> Use 
> KEY_NO=`expr $KEY_NO + 1`


>> I have a suspicion that if it doesn't like $(...) it might not like
>> $((maths)) much either.
>> I take it that opinion is that we still care about Solaris?
>> (please say no :-) )
> Yes we still care about Solaris and a few other platforms that have older
> bourne shells. That said, I can't think of any of them that do not also
> have a current POSIX shell.

Well, avoiding $((...)) is no great hardship, once one's already having
to suffer the unreadability of `` vs $().

Luckily the script had no nested $(), so didn't need any nasty escaping
tricks to deal with that limitaion.

> I think all of the ones derived from the AT&T code base will have ksh
> too. Most will have added bash but not all.  Now it would not be a
> good idea to do a "#!/bin/ksh" because some Linux distros do not have
> a ksh.
> Since ssh-copy-id is in contrib, it might be OK to use POSIX shell syntax
> and require users/packagers to configure the first line with the
> apropriate shell.

Rather than complicating things for people installing it, I think I'd
probably take the readability hit to maintain the widest portability.

Especially if the latest version runs nicely (same URL).

Cheers, Phil.
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