Call for testing: OpenSSH-6.2

Damien Miller djm at
Thu Mar 7 10:33:12 EST 2013

On Wed, 6 Mar 2013, Dag-Erling Sm?rgrav wrote:

> Dag-Erling Sm?rgrav <des at> writes:
> > On FreeBSD 10, it still gets confused about utmp / wtmp / utmpx, just
> > like 6.0 and 6.1.  [...]
> Apparently, configure looks for log files instead of checking that the
> relevant APIs are available.  This trips it up on long-lived machines
> that have old log files left over.  I worked around it by explicitly
> specifying --disable-{utmp,wtmp,lastlog}.

The detection of the login recording could probably do with an overhaul.

What version of FreeBSD deprecated these? What is you host system type
as reported by configure? I'll at least be able to add these to


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