Call for testing: OpenSSH-6.2

Kulkarni, Amit (HP-UX Network Security) kulkarniamit at
Mon Mar 11 16:40:31 EST 2013

With openssh-SNAP-20130311, we have positive build and testing results for HP-UX 11.11,11.23 and 11.31.


Results :

OS              Build_Target                CC                  OpenSSL      BUILD TEST

==============  =========================== =================   ============ ===== =================

HP-UX 11.31     ia64-hp-hpux11.31           HP C/aC++ A.06.12   0.9.8w       OK    all tests passed

HP-UX 11.31     PA-RISC-hp-hpux11.31        HP C/aC++ (*1)      0.9.8x       OK    all tests passed

HP-UX 11.23     ia64-hp-hpux11.23           HP C/aC++ A.06.25   0.9.8x       OK    all tests passed

HP-UX 11.23     PA-RISC-hp-hpux11.23        HP C/aC++ (*2)      0.9.8x       OK    all tests passed

HP-UX 11.11     PA-RISC-hp-hpux11.11        HP C/aC++ (*3)      0.9.8y       OK    all tests passed

# *1: HP C/aC++ Developer's Bundle C.11.31.06 B9007AA

# *2: HP C/aC++ Developer's Bundle C.11.23.06 B9007AA

# *3: HP C/aC++ Developer's Bundle C.11.11.20 B9007AA

Random number generator used in HP-UX 11.11:

HP-UX 11.11 Strong Random Number Generator B.11.11.09 KRNG11i


Amit Kulkarni

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> Got a bit further this time with openssh-SNAP-20130309.tar.gz - but

> hp-ux

> 11.11 is still not passing make tests.

What are you using as an entropy source?  I've found that I'm exhausting prngd on my (admittedly otherwise idle) HP workstation which is causing the tests to fail at the point it runs out.


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