Version problems

Trent Gemmill trent at
Sat Oct 26 13:40:32 EST 2013

Indeed. Thank you all for your help and my apologies for tying up the 
list with something such as this. I didn't think the 2 versions would be 
in different locations.

>> I pray I haven't missed  something obvious. I downloaded, compiled and
>> installed from tar version 6.3. Version 4.3 was previously installed.
>> When I ssh in It identifies as version 6.3, but  ssh -v reveals:
>> Match ... remote version 4.3 . This is causing  my system to fail a
>> required security scan which doesn't like openssh version 4.3. Can
>> anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you.
> /usr/local/sbin vs. /usr/sbin, or similar path mismatches?

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