Forcing of environment variables

Erik Bernstein erik at
Tue Apr 1 23:02:54 EST 2014

Hi guys,

I'm having a little trouble with the current semantics of the
PermitUserEnv directive. I would like to be able to force certain
environment variables for some of the ssh keys I'm using. It seems that
apart from using the command="..." keyword in authorized_keys,  there is
also the possibility to specify additional variables using the
environment="..." keyword. However, in order to make this work I have to
enable PermitUserEnv in the sshd_config (also enabling parsing of
~/.ssh/environment), otherwise the keys are rejected with

"Bad options in [...]/authorized_keys file"

This seems a bit harsh. Considering, that a) clients can always send
arbitrary variables with -o SendEnv and b) accepted variables have to be
additionally whitelisted in AcceptEnv anyways, rejecting those keys seems
a bit counterintuitive. Maybe it would be more intuitive to accept the
keys by ignoring the environment="..." variable and simply throwing a

I would also certainly appreciate the possibility to force environment
variables for individual keys without having to enable PermitUserEnv



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