Call for testing: OpenSSH 6.7

Corinna Vinschen vinschen at
Wed Aug 20 03:10:40 EST 2014

On Aug 19 11:19, Damien Miller wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Aug 2014, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > I tested from CVS HEAD and there's a bug in serverloop.c.  On systems
> > not defining NO_IPPORT_RESERVED_CONCEPT, a stray "||" leads to a syntax
> > error.  Here's a patch:
> > 
> > Index: serverloop.c
> applied - thanks.
> > Also, I can't run the testsuite on Cygwin anymore:
> [...]
> > -L. -Lopenbsd-compat/  -fstack-protector-all -lssh -lopenbsd-compat -lssh -lopenbsd-compat -lcrypto -lz  /usr/lib/textreadmode.o -lcrypt
> > make: *** No rule to make target 'regress/unittests/sshbuf/tests.o', needed by 'regress/unittests/sshbuf/test_sshbuf.exe'.  Stop.
> > 
> > This is using GNU make.  I'm not sure what's missing.  Is that because
> > I'm not building in the source dir, by any chance?
> I don't think so - it works on Ubuntu with GNU Make and building outside
> the source directory. There is probably some other make trickery that
> I've messed up.

Maybe it was the fact that I called `cvs up' without the -d flag...?

Duh.  Sorry about that.

So, now I can run the testsuite and I'm having a problem with the
"forwarding" test.  The older version of this test worked fine, the
latest from CVS sometimes fails:

  run test ...
  failed copy /bin/ls.exe
  cmp: EOF on /home/corinna/src/openssh/64bin/regress/copy
  corrupted copy of /bin/ls.exe

This is the last test in, "transfer over chained unix
domain socket forwards and check result"

Inspecting the log files I see this a couple of times in failed-ssh.log:

  debug1: Local connections to LOCALHOST:3301 forwarded to remote address
  debug3: channel_setup_fwd_listener_tcpip: type 2 wildcard 0 addr NULL
  debug3: sock_set_v6only: set socket 5 IPV6_V6ONLY
  debug1: Local forwarding listening on ::1 port 3301.
  bind: Address already in use
  debug1: Local forwarding listening on port 3301.
  bind: Address already in use
  channel_setup_fwd_listener_tcpip: cannot listen to port: 3301
  Could not request local forwarding.

failed-sshd.log shows a similar error.

Running the test another time, it runs to completion.  Running it
again, it fails.  It fails more often than succeeding, though.

This may very well be a bug in Cygwin or a shortcoming of the underlying
Windows, but I'm not sure what to look for.

I attached the failed-foo.log files from a failed run to this mail,
maybe somebody can sched some light on this problem?

Other than this problem, the testsuite succeeds on Cygwin.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer
Red Hat
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