[PATCH] Early request for comments: U2F authentication

Klaus Keppler kk at keppler-it.de
Mon Dec 15 09:42:01 EST 2014

> I’ve spent some time (together with Christian and Thomas) hacking on
> U2F support in OpenSSH, and I’m happy to provide a first patch — it’s
> not complete, but it should be good enough to get the discussion going
> :). Please see the two attached files for the patch.

This is great - I'm looking forward to it! :)

I've implemented U2F into another (C-based) application these days. 
While searching for some relevant OpenSSL-specific "help" I stumbled 
upon your OpenSSH patch.
I think there's a small bug:

> +	if ((err = EVP_VerifyInit(&mdctx, EVP_ecdsa())) != 1) {
> +		ERR_error_string(ERR_get_error(), errorbuf);
> +		fatal("EVP_VerifyInit() failed: %s (reason: %s)",
> +				errorbuf, ERR_reason_error_string(err));

You should use "EVP_sha256()" instead of "EVP_ecdsa()" here (we have a 
ECDSA signature on the SHA256 hash)

> +	if ((err = EVP_VerifyFinal(&mdctx, walk, restlen, pkey)) == -1) {
> +		ERR_error_string(ERR_get_error(), errorbuf);
> +		error("Verifying the U2F registration signature failed: %s (reason: %s)",
> +				errorbuf, ERR_reason_error_string(err));
> +		goto out;
> +	}

You test EVP_VerifyFinal() only against "-1". This catches OpenSSL 
library errors and such. But if the signature check itself fails, you 
get "0". So, the only valid result here should be "1".

When you change EVP_ecdsa() to EVP_sha256() above, EVP_VerifyFinal() 
should return "1" on valid data.

Best regards


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