Dealing with roaming machines

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also sprach Nico Kadel-Garcia <nkadel at> [2014-12-23 07:50 +0100]:
> If it's not "in the local network", then it shouldn't get the
> subdomain of the internal network, and you've got a DNS "views" or
> DHCP configuration issue.

While the machine is not at the office, other machines can resolve to a valid IP… that's the same as resolving the
hostname of a machine that's turned off.

> I'm now assuming that you now have fully qualified hostnames that
> differ in each environment?  →
fishbowl.home    →
fishbowl.lab     →

The three /24 networks are connected via a VPN. All three names
resolve to the appropriate IP, and obviously when at the office,
a request for "fishbowl" will yield while it would
yield at home (due to DNS search).

I'd kinda like OpenSSH to connect to all three IPs at once, since
only one will ever be answered at any one time. Or it should try
them in quick succession.

I realise that this is not really an OpenSSH question anymore and
I am sorry about that. The dynamic DNS solution is probably the
cleanest solution anyway. But the topic seems to have struck some

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