Dealing with roaming machines

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Fri Dec 26 08:13:03 EST 2014

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck at> [2014-12-25 17:39 +0100]:
> This is precisely what I am currently working on and I will share my
> results once I finish. If only all this Christmas stuff didn't keep
> one from getting work done! ;)

  ProxyCommand nc $( (TRIES=%h.{gern,lehel,rw}; eval fping -aAC1 \
    -t100 $TRIES; eval fping6 -aAC1 -t100 $TRIES; wait) 2>&1 | sed -rne \
    's, : ([[:digit:]]), @\1,p' | sort -t@ -k2n | sed -ne '1s, .*,,p') %p

Comments and improvements welcome!

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