Dealing with roaming machines

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also sprach Bob Proulx <bob at> [2014-12-25 09:20 +0100]:
> I am sure you have already thought of this and didn't prefer it but
> the way I handle this is by using OpenVPN.  My mobile laptop always
> "calls back home" with OpenVPN.  I always access the laptop using the
> VPN address no matter where it is located.

If I were to do this, then while at the office, the laptop would
"call home", meaning that transfer between my desktop and the laptop
would not go directly over gigabit, but have to traverse ADSL twice
on both ends, office→home→home→office.

> Having a stable VPN address for the mobile laptop no matter where
> it exists in the network is quite nice.  Also this gives my laptop
> secure access to the private side of my network for all services
> not just ssh.  The solution works well for me.

My laptop an "call in" to the VPN any time, and if it does, then
it'll be found. Cf. the ProxyCommand I just sent, subdomain

Thanks everyone for their help and ideas, and Luca Filipozzi for the
fping hint.

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