Issue With SSHD Password Guesses

Saku Ytti saku at
Wed Mar 5 02:25:40 EST 2014

On (2014-03-04 08:39 +0000), Prashanth Nayanagari -X (pnayanag - HCL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED at Cisco) wrote:

Hi Prashanth,

> So, can you please help me , why the Linux machine is behaving like this.
> We are using openssh-3.5 and ssh version 2.

I'm sorry to hijack you like this, but I've tried previously via proper
channels and it will not be fixed, as it's not a bug.

In classic IOS when channel closes your transport connection closes. That is,
you cannot open exec('command1'), exec('command2') to gather output of two
commands, the moment first one closes, TCP terminates.
I don't know if standard allows this or not, but to me it seems like bug.
Because that does not work, you're forced to open shell and do problematic
screen-scraping to determine when each command starts and stops.

Thank you and sorry,

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