Bad Password - #010#012#015#177INCORRECT : ssh -> pam -> libpam_sqlite -> sqlite3

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A user consists of two parts: Identity and Authentication. 

/etc/passwd is Identity. The user's uid, home directory, etc. 
/etc/shadow is Authentication. Their password (hashed). 

PAM is Pluggable Authentication Module. 
It only handles Authentication.

The user still has to have an Identity at the NSS layer.
( NSS == Name Service Switch )

ssh -> nss -> nsswitch.conf -> sqlite3
Is there an nss module also configured for sqlite3?

Seth Ellsworth

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On 03/05/2014 12:46:18 PM, Sangeeth Saravanaraj wrote:
> I want to configure secure shell access to a Linux machine where
> allowed
> users are stored in an sqlite3 database and not in the /etc/passwd,
> /etc/shadow and /etc/group. I use PAM for user authentication.

I can't speak to the internals but have you set 
UsePAM Yes in sshd_config?

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