[RFC] Add hash token to ControlPath

Iain Morgan imorgan at nas.nasa.gov
Fri Mar 7 06:13:01 EST 2014

On Thu, Mar 06, 2014 at 18:37:21 +0000, mancha wrote:
> Hi.
> Last night on an irc openssh channel, a user brought up a use
> case involving cluster trees and very descriptive (i.e. long)
> hierarchical hostnames.
> To make a long story short, his ControlPath (~/.ssh/control-master
> /%r@%h:%p) was bumping up against UNIX_PATH_MAX.
> Attached patch adds a new percent-token (%H) that expands to the
> sha1 digest of the concatenation of host (%h) + port (%p) + remote
> user (%r). The token's expanded length is a fixed 40 characters
> and, barring digest collision, provides uniqueness.
> The patch was built against 6.5p1 but applies (with harmless
> offsets) to OpenBSD HEAD.
> --mancha

I suppose the IP address of the destination host is not known at the
time that the socket is created or initially accessed; but if it is,
adding a macro for the IP address might be an alternative approach.

With regard to your suggestion, it might also be worthwhile including
the client hostname in the hash to cover scenarios where the sockets are
created in shared filesystems. I'm also a little hesitant about using
%H; in analogy to %l and %L, %H should be the first component of the
destinations's name. Perhaps %M or %S?

I'm not sure if the work being done to allow OpenSSH to be built without
OpenSSL includes SHA-1 support. I assume that it does, but I haven't
gottent around to looking at the code. If it doesn't, it might be
necessary to use MD5 instead.

Iain Morgan

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