openssh-6.6p1 on Solaris 10 - 'make tests' fails, sshd won't start

mikep at mikep at
Wed Mar 26 02:17:23 EST 2014

Openssh-6.6p1 compiled on Solaris 10, but failed the 'make tests' in the 
'sftp' testing:

failed sftp permissions
make[1]: *** [t-exec] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/local/src/security/openssh-6.6p1/regress'
make: *** [tests] Error 2

[There are also a lot of 'Unsupported query "cipher-auth"' messages, which 
would indicate the tests are using the installed version of 'ssh' (which 
doesn't have 'ssh -Q cipher-auth') instead of the newly build version 
(which does have it).]

After a 'make install', the new 'sshd' would not start: sshd: fatal: relocation error: file /opt/local/sbin/sshd: symbol 
mkdtemp: referenced symbol not found

I see that '#define HAVE_MKDTEMP 1' is set in 'config.h', but Solaris
does not have that function. I rebuilt with that commented out; 'make 
tests' still fails, but 'sshd' now starts.

Any ideas what is missing in 'configure', or how the 'make tests' didn't 
catch that 'sshd' won't run?

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